SpIntellx and Inspirata Announce New Technical Partnership and Integration to Expand Access to Next Generation Explainable AI Software for Breast Biopsies


SpIntellx and Inspirata announce a new technical partnership

This strategic collaboration over the next few years will unite SpIntellx and Inspirata teams in creating tools to accelerate drug discovery, optimize clinical trials, advance companion diagnostics, personalize treatment options and improve workflows. clinical work.

SpIntellx, Inc. and Inspirata announced that they will collaborate to integrate SpIntellx HistoMapr-Breast™ platform and Inspirata’s Dynamyx® software into a single seamless solution. HistoMapr-Breast is the first and only computational pathology software that harnesses the power of explainable artificial intelligence (xAI) for healthcare providers to diagnose, prognose and treat breast cancer more efficiently and effectively. precision. Dynamyx is unique in holding the first-ever FDA clearance for digital pathology software with multiple scanners, allowing pathologists to use whole slide images (WSI) for primary diagnosis in place of traditional glass slides, providing a range of powerful benefits to pathologists and laboratories.

Additionally, SpIntellx brings a proprietary spatial analysis approach to digital pathology. Advanced spatial analysis captures the architecture and communication patterns of different histological structures, yielding maximum predictive information from patient tissue sections to inform therapeutic strategies and clinical decisions. The revolutionary HistoMapr™ precision pathology software platform, powered by xAI, provides actionable solutions to transmitted light applications. HistoMapr brings efficiency and accuracy gains and maximizes information and knowledge for increasingly complex datasets. HistoMapr-Breast is applied to breast biopsies to differentiate and classify a wide range of benign, atypical, ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and invasive/malignant breast pathologies with high accuracy.

HistoMapr-Breast uses spatial information to provide clear and unbiased justifications for its automated recommendations. Therefore, pathologists and other software users may wonder “why?” and HistoMapr-Breast can answer this fundamental question, using data and pathologist-friendly language to explain its decisions.

“We are excited to partner with SpIntellx to bring new translational research and clinical spatial analysis tools to the Dynamyx digital pathology platform,” said Mark Lloyd, Founder and Executive Vice President of Inspirata. “The spatial and functional relationships between cells are at the heart of precision pathology. Integrating translational research tools into the Dynamyx workflow helps facilitate the adoption of digital pathology. »

HistoMapr-Breast is the first of many spatial analytics and xAI guides for pathologists designed to: triage caseloads to refer the most difficult and borderline cases to sub-specialists; perform active quality assurance to improve pathologist accuracy and efficiency and reduce intra- and inter-pathologist discrepancies; provide transparent xAI guidance that explains why the algorithms made a specific recommendation; and facilitate standardized real-time reporting. The HistoMapr technology and approach are generalizable to a wide range of diseases, both tumor and non-tumor. The platform is also the first of SpIntellx’s larger efforts to harness the power of xAI-assisted laboratory processes in the development of diagnostics, prognoses, therapeutic strategies and drug development for tumor and non-tumor diseases.

“Explainable AI is a critical feature for establishing trust and transparency between pathology experts and computational pathology systems, and it also departs from more traditional black-box AI approaches for digital pathology. , such as deep learning,” said SpIntellx Co-Founder, President and CTO, S. Chakra Chennubhotla, PhD. “As machine learning accelerates in medicine, better communication between humans and their machine learning tools is essential.”

SpIntellx and Inspirata customers will benefit from the seamless integration of the HistoMapr-Breast™ and Dynamyx digital pathology platform for a more efficient breast biopsy workflow with access to unbiased and advanced spatial analytics powered by xAI.

“This strategic collaboration over the next few years will bring together SpIntellx and Inspirata teams to create tools to accelerate drug discovery, optimize clinical trials, advance companion diagnostics, personalize treatment options and improve workflows. of clinical work,” added SpIntellx CEO B. Dusty Majumdar, PhD.

About SpIntellx:

SpIntellx, Inc., is the Pittsburgh, PA-based precision pathology company that applies its proprietary unbiased spatial analytics and explainable AI to transform computational and systems pathology into precision pathology and guide clinicians and researchers with powerful tools so they can see more, learn more, and power precision pathology. For more information on SpIntellx, please visit: http://www.spintellx.com

About Inspirata

Inspirata, Inc. helps cancer patients and the clinicians they trust make every moment count. Our comprehensive cancer informatics solutions bring together disparate data across the cancer care journey to make informed decisions that improve survival.

Inspirata has brought together the most advanced and proven technologies to meet the complex challenges of delivering cancer care and conducting innovative research. We combine state-of-the-art digital pathology solutions with automated cancer registry solutions, comprehensive cancer informatics, and advanced patient engagement tools to provide users with the broadest oncology informatics platform available globally. To learn more, visit http://www.inspirata.com.

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