Startup seeks to reduce high construction costs


A new Australian startup may hold the key to a new way to source and sell building materials across the country.

Superyard, an online marketplace that will give buyers the ability to get their hands on unused inventory anywhere in the country, can potentially help reduce project costs and minimize unnecessary manufacturing.

Founder Ritchie Djamhur, who works in the civil construction industry, says Superyard offers a real cost-effective option for purchasing materials that may have remained hidden in building and construction sites.

“I’ve visited warehouses with literally tons of material that could find a new home, if only there was a way to share it with other interested companies,” he says.

“With Superyard, it will be fast, easy and inexpensive to source and sell materials. Our commission-free model means no fine print contracts or selling fees.”

Djamhur says the startup does indeed exist to serve the industry, which is grappling with price increases and global logistical challenges.

“Suppliers are warning us to expect price hikes and long delays in purchasing new materials. Superyard will help redistribute existing materials that may otherwise be unavailable for months, which will also positively impact industry sustainability goals to minimize waste.

“We are looking for businesses with unused building and building materials in their yard that could be sold to increase their cash flow.”

Djamhur says the features built into Superyard were designed specifically for building and construction companies.

“Until now, if we wanted to find a specific part for a project, the options were to buy a new part, use a broker, or hope a supplier resold it. We believe Superyard is a strong, forward-looking competitor to traditional supply methods. »

Superyard has completed extensive development testing and is now open for a public beta launch. For more information, visit

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