State has received 2 proposals to remove Clyde Falls from Honolulu Harbor


The Hawaii Department of Transportation said it received two proposals in response to its request to remove the historic Clyde Falls vessel from the Port of Honolulu.

The deadline for the request for proposals, which was issued July 1, was 2 p.m. Monday. This request was reissued a second time in July after a previous one issued at the end of April. April’s request was canceled after a review found “not all state processes were followed.”

Evaluations of the proposals received are ongoing, according to spokesperson Shelly Kunishige. At the end, if there is a suitable offer, an award notice is expected at the end of September.

The Friends of Falls of Clyde, a Honolulu-based nonprofit that owns the ship, still hopes to save what it says is the only surviving iron-hulled, four-masted, fully-rigged ship built in the originated in 1848 as part of the Falls Line by Russell & Company in Port Glasgow, Scotland.

The Request for Sealed Tenders, titled “Removal of the Abandoned Sailing Vessel Falls of Clyde from the Port of Honolulu”. called in a fully qualified contractor to facilitate all vessel disposal work while complying with all federal, state and county laws, as well as Environmental Protection Agency and Division requirements. of the historic preservation of the state.

Bruce McEwan, president of The Friends, objected to the description of the ship as “derelict”, saying the group had never abandoned or relinquished its ownership rights and that its designation as a National Historic Landmark justified a public hearing before any decision. made.

Clyde’s Falls, currently moored at Pier 7, was seized by the state’s Ports Division in August 2016. An earlier DOT attempt to auction the vessel in early 2019 resulted in no bids. legit.

Friends support the ongoing efforts of Scotland-based Save Falls of Clyde International to return the historic vessel to its birthplace for restoration and return to sea.

In a Facebook post Monday, Save Falls of Clyde International confirmed that it had submitted a bid for the removal of Clyde Falls and “committed to local vendors in Hawaii for goods and services to help moving”.

“We hope we have done enough to address their concerns by offering the most environmentally and technically competent proposal to protect the interests of the Port and those of the ship itself,” the group said in the Facebook post.


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