Strengthening Border Infrastructure Comprehensively – Latest News from Jammu and Kashmir | Tourism


To effectively address economic and border security challenges, the country is embarking on building world-class infrastructure encompassing better border management, including better telecommunication facilities. The issue has its own sensitivities both in terms of how our security forces have been placed in better conditions and facilities, but also the local population who must suffer due to their both quantum and qualitative deficit. Indeed, without mincing words, abandonment and abandonment to a state of disuse to which our borders have been subjected for years in relation to their demands, begins to be addressed eloquently as we have experienced in our Northeast region. Sector where we will gradually witness virtual competition with the other side of the border to place quality basic infrastructure on this side of the border if the same tempo, the same rhyme and the same pace of work on upcoming and ongoing projects remain continuously based.
On the other hand, similarly, on the LoC and IB as well, no less than 8500 underground bunkers have been built so far out of the 14460 individual and community bunkers sanctioned by the central government. Furthermore, the deployment of high-tech electronic surveillance equipment at the borders and the construction of additional border outposts have not only secured the borders, but also largely contained infiltration and smuggling activities. . In truth, therefore, this accounts for the highest fund allocation of Rs.652 crore for borders with Bangladesh in the last fiscal year.
Having said that, there is still a lot to do in this regard, because we can say that a great beginning has only just begun because the task ahead of us is prodigious. This is because we have a vast border area with China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan. By approving funds to the tune of Rs.13020 crore by the center, therefore, a series of well-planned infrastructure and border management development projects are expected to be about to be launched during the five-year period. years, say 2022-2026 Not only the improvement of critical infrastructure, but also the policing, guarding and development of borders are also proposed under the grand initiative. Our borders mainly lack a good and sustainable road network including vital bridges as well as infrastructure and technological solutions in addition to other requirements in core areas such as fences, border floodlights and construction of strategic roads for the hassle-free movement of our security forces. Similarly, the borders with Pakistan have also been made more secure, but the surrounding areas need infrastructural development.
It is truly commendable that the objective of the programs under the central umbrella is proposed to go beyond the central and fixed areas confined to the clear border points, because the needs and interests of the border population otherwise living in difficult conditions must also be taken into account. In this regard, it should be noted that the construction of more roads, schools, health centers, the promotion of the cleanliness mission, the supply of drinking water, the creation of community centers, better connectivity and others in the border areas would lead to a sort of reversal of the web of standards and equipment linked to the living conditions of the entire border population, in particular thanks to mechanisms focused on the promotion of border tourism, the promotion of sports activities, the protection of heritage sites, the construction of heliports, etc . These programs, during the implementation process and even afterwards, would also open employment opportunities, especially for the local population. The agricultural sector in the entire border segment faces particular problems that need to be addressed in a targeted manner. Indeed, as these areas are vulnerable and despite this, industrious farmers who cultivate different crops and new prospects of agricultural activities found like organic farming showing good potential, they need skills development training and better agricultural techniques in addition to the marketing of their products. Support. Secure, developed and impregnable borders and border areas are at the heart of a robust defense system of any country, especially for India, which is highly vulnerable to hostilities from the two neighbors on the other side.


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