Success of Jingchu 2021 Online Show Makes Hardware, Electromechanics and Building Materials Welcome in Many Countries


With the help of the channels of CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd., this event bridged exhibitors and 118 buyers from nearly 30 countries.

Hubei, China, December 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – On November 29, 2021, witnessed the successful conclusion of “Historical Jingchu Online Show” (Mechanical and Electrical, Hardware and Building Materials) – market activities in Europe, in America, and Asia. A total of 43 manufacturing and foreign trade enterprises of hardware tools, machinery equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, building materials, furniture, automobiles, auto parts and Other industries participated in this special event, where more than 500 series of around 2,000 products were exhibited at the “Global Businesses Matching Online Fair”. Meanwhile, video negotiation, 3D technology, big data and AI-enabled scenario, as well as the model of “individual online video matchmaking + 365 day perennial exposure” were introduced and adopted to create a platform. -form of exhibition, communication, cooperation and exchange for export companies. Another noteworthy fact, for the first time, the event was linked to the 130e China Import and Export Fair which successfully resumed offline in October of this year. China Import and Export Fair online exhibition hall was established on the basis of “Historical Jingchu Online Show” platform, and outstanding foreign trade enterprises of Hubei with the most popular products. more upscale and stylish under recognizable brands were all on the list. Real exhibition scenes at the China Import and Export Fair fully integrated the advantages of two platforms of “China Import and Export Fair” and “Jingchu Online Historical Fair” to help businesses tap more customers, earn a better reputation, and drive richer results.

Success of Jingchu 2021 Online Show Makes Hardware, Electromechanics and Building Materials Welcome in Many Countries

With the help of channels and member resources of CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. in relevant industry associations overseas, along with a targeted invitation and accurate correspondence from overseas professional operations teams, this event bridged exhibitors and 118 buyers from nearly 30 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Chile, etc., and achieved more than 200 videos online individual negotiations. Hubei has a strong industrial base, complete industrial chains and strong support capabilities in terms of industries including hardware tools, electromechanical products and building materials, and multiple segmentation directions. For this reason, its high-end products are preferred by many overseas buyers who make endless requests for correspondence and negotiation. In addition, the precise pairing of one week originally has been extended to three weeks, the pairing effects of which have been regularly praised by domestic companies and overseas buyers.

The special exhibition for hardware tools, electromechanical equipment and building materials in the serial activities of “Historical Jingchu Online Show” was the only project that covers both the scope of the industry and the market of overseas, which put forward extremely high demands for the scope of the promotion and the corresponding accuracy of the event. As the event of the last batch of special events in 2021, the success of the special exhibition of hardware tools, electromechanical equipment and building materials which went smoothly at a high standard left a gorgeous shot at the “Jingchu Online Historic Salon”.

In 2021, Hubei’s foreign trade data continued to shine, with positive growth held for 19 consecutive months since April 2020! From January to October 2021, Hubei’s total import and export volume was 433.43 billion yuan, surpassing the annual scale of last year and increasing 27.6% year-on-year, among which the export volume reached 277.18 billion yuan, up 32.9%. ; import volume reached 156.25 billion yuan, up 19.1%. Both set records during the same period. In the first 10 months, Hubei exported 145.06 billion yuan of electromechanical equipment, with an increase of 55% and accounting for 52.3% of the total export volume. In particular, the cooperation between Hubei and RCEP members and countries as well as the Belt and Road initiative has accelerated with good momentum. In a favorable environment for foreign trade, the establishment of Global Businesses Matching Online Fair aims to help domestic companies to get more business opportunities, deepen understanding, build friendships and cooperate with foreign traders in more forms. practical, precise and abundant by breaking down space restrictions. .

Since the outbreak of the epidemic last year, Hubei has taken the initiative to adapt to market changes and use the Internet to create the brand of “Historical Jingchu Online Show”. So far, “Historical Jingchu Online Show” has organized more than 20 special activities and built nearly 2000 platforms for companies to exhibit, negotiate and conduct transactions, many companies successfully matching high quality foreign buyers through this platform. It has been proven that with the growing acceptance of online exhibitions by businesses and markets, a digitally intelligent “online exhibition” is not just an “alternative” under the epidemic situation. Instead, it has gradually become a long-standing trend in the information age exhibition industry. Welcome friends from all countries who continue to pay attention and participate in “Historical Jingchu Online Show” series activities. Together with the companies of Hubei, let’s share the development opportunities and create a better future!

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