Telangana government promotes the three Is of innovation, infrastructure and inclusive growth: KTR


Posted: Date Posted – 6:46 PM, Fri – 12 Aug 22

Hyderabad: Stating that India’s demographic advantage could become a liability if young people are not educated properly, Industry Minister KT Rama Rao said the Telangana government promotes the three Is of innovation , infrastructure and inclusive growth.

“Telangana is one of the few states where one can witness rapid industrial, IT, agricultural growth and an increase in green coverage. We believe in holistic growth,” KT Rama Rao said while virtually addressing Heartfulness, UNESCO MGIEP and AICTE’s Third International Youth Conference “Rising with Kindness” at Kanhashanti Vanam here on Friday.

India’s average age was 27 and it was considered the youngest nation. If young people were not trained and empowered, fundamental challenges would remain unaddressed and unresolved, he stressed.

Telangana was the first state to provide safe drinking water to 10 million households in the country. Many states have not achieved this significant development, he said adding “Hyderabad is the vaccine capital of the world”

Innovation doesn’t always have to be limited to the technology sector. Telangana introduced several groundbreaking reforms such as the Panchayat Raj Act and the Municipal Administration Act, in which local bodies were tasked with increasing green cover and ensuring the survival of young trees, he said. .

It was amazing to hear about the achievements of Kanhashanthi Vanams in turning a barren land into an oasis here in the state, he said.

The Telangana government has also launched the Haritha Haram program and over 240 crores of saplings have been planted over the past eight years. The state has achieved a 7.7% increase in green cover by ensuring an 85% survival rate of saplings planted under Haritha Haram, the minister said.

The father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi always insisted on kindness and today the world needs more kindness than ever before. To promote Gandhiji’s teachings on non-violence, inclusiveness and kindness, the government of Telangana, as part of 75 years of independence, screened the film “Gandhi” for free in more than 550 cinemas, enabling 2.2 million students watch the film and learn more about the life and preaching of the great man. , he said.

“I urge all young people to participate in the Haritha Haram program. Be proactive and take care of each other, take care of your families and yourself,” Rama Rao said.

Responding to a question from a participant on the transformation of Hyderabad into the spiritual capital of the world, the Minister said that the government of Telangana would play the role of facilitator and support organizations like Kanhashanthi Vanam in their endeavours.

“Generally, governments are always obsessed with winning the next election. But it is important to ensure that bureaucrats, MLAS and parliamentarians are in tune with society and inculcate the values ​​of compassion and kindness in people,” Rama Rao said.

Heartfulness Guide Kamlesh Patil, popularly known as “Daaji”, UNESCO MGIEP Director Anantha Duraiappah and other keynote guests declared the conference open.

The three-day event is for young people aged 18-35 to showcase their kindness projects, share kindness stories and create a “Kindness Statement” in their efforts to help others foster compassion. More than 12,000 scholars and students from the United Arab Emirates, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Austria and Italy are taking part in the event, which ends on Sunday.


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