Tender proposals for Hidden Valley are expected today


By MEDICINE HAT NEWS on September 6, 2021.

A group of skiers hit the slopes last January at the Hidden Valley Ski Resort. Offers to take over management of the province are expected on September 7.

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Proposals to resume operations at the Hidden Valley ski resort are expected today, with the province offering an initial 10-year lease to a private operator who would operate the facility in the Cypress Hills.

This could take effect for the coming season, depending on the scope of a request for proposals process launched Aug. 10 by the province.

Alberta Parks has been operating the hill since 2015, and a new contract would allow an operator to lease the entire site – including the day lodge, rental store and equipment – for an annual fee plus an agreed share of the revenue operating.

The operator would manage the facility and would also be able to set charges and develop new facilities with the approval of Alberta Parks. It would include 25-year extension options. The finalized proposals are expected today.

Officials from the Elkwater Ski Club told The News the group has had a “great relationship” with mountain managers in the past and they hope this will continue under a new operator.

The ski resort was first developed by the province in the 1960s and was managed by a third-party operator from the mid-1980s until 2015, when the province returned to directly managing the slope.

Documents included in the application package indicate that the average annual income since 2015 was $ 1.09 million, but costs are not shown.

He says the ministry believes there are additional opportunities to increase revenue through ticket sales, rentals, concessions and special events, both at the ski resort and through the bike trails. newly landscaped mountain range.

It currently attracts about 22,000 visitors during the winter months of southeastern Alberta and Saskatchewan, according to Alberta Parks.


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