‘The most competitive team’ – Ken Griffin speaks out on his Chelsea bid


Ken Griffin is widely seen as the main financial muscle behind the Ricketts Group’s attempts to buy Chelsea Football Club from Roman Abramovich.

The Daily Mirror reports that the consortium has incredible financial clout – its total capital exceeds £50bn – and is presenting an all-equity, debt-free bid.

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Griffin is one of the richest men in the United States with, according to Forbes magazine (quoted by The Mirror), a fortune of over £20 billion.

The billionaire spoke this weekend ahead of the deadline to submit final offers and proposals to the Raine Group before the decision-making process begins.

It seems that this particular consortium has built up incredible financial backing. But the fact remains for many reasons, they are still a very unpopular group among large parts of Chelsea’s fan base who have consistently expressed their dissatisfaction with them, or at least members of the group.

But Griffin is defiant and says he’s here to win and make a competitive team.

“I am thrilled to reunite with my longtime friends and partners, the Ricketts family and Dan Gilbert, who have built legendary championship teams,” Ken Griffin said.

“We all love to compete and, even more, we love to win. Our group will work closely together to put the most competitive team on the field every year. If selected, we will validate the trust placed in us to continue Chelsea’s winning tradition while providing a great matchday experience for the fans.


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