Tory MSP in bid to change law to create new domestic abuser registry


Conservative Pam Ghosal is launching a consultation on the proposal, which would create a new registrar for those convicted of domestic violence.

While some “recidivists” abuse multiple partners, Ms Ghosal said her proposal could “help crack down on this appalling crime”.

The registry would be similar to the existing sex offender registry, she said, recounting that Justice Secretary Keith Brown had already agreed to meet with her to discuss the measure.

MSP Pam Gosal wants to change the law and create a register of domestic abusers

Police Scotland recorded 65,251 incidents of domestic violence in 2020-21, an increase of 4% on the previous year and the fifth year in a row the number of incidents has increased.

Ms Ghosal said: “I am proud to bring forward a bill to tackle such a horrific crime as domestic violence, which has shockingly increased in Scotland for five years in a row.”

She said it had been “heartbreaking” to speak to victims of domestic violence about the “horror they experienced seeking safety and justice”.

The curator added: ‘In many cases, repeat offenders managed to get away with making life hell for several victims before they were apprehended.

“My bill would introduce a domestic violence registry, which would operate in the same way as the sex offender registry, and help crack down on this appalling crime.”

The bill would also introduce compulsory education on the issue of domestic violence in schools.

Ms Ghosal becoming the first Sikh MSP when she was elected to Holyrood in 2021, if passed she would also force the Scottish Government to look at access to domestic violence services for underrepresented communities.

Calling on other MSPs to support her plans, she said: ‘I hope that on this issue politicians in the Scottish Parliament will put political differences aside and work together.

“It is very welcome that Keith Brown has agreed to meet to discuss the proposal and I hope we can build cross-party consensus on the need for urgent action to tackle the scourge of domestic violence. “


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